Current Members

Marzia Rossato

Position: Post-Doc / Lab Manager
email: marzia|rossato*univr|it

Elisa Debora Zago

Personal Genomics
email: elisa|zago*personalgenomics|it

Luciano Xumerle

Personal Genomics
email: luciano|xumerle*personalgenomics|it

Marianna Garonzi

Personal Genomics
email: marianna|garonzi*univr|it

Francesca Griggio

Position: Post-Doc
email: francesca|griggio*univr|it

Carla Avanzato

Position: Post-Doc
email: carlagiuseppina|avanzato*univr|it

Salvatore Benfatto

Position: Post-Doc
email: salvatore|benfatto*univr|it

Alessia Mori

Position: Post-Doc
email: alessia|mori*univr|it

Emanuela Cosentino

Position: PhD Student
email: emanuela|cosentino*univr|it

Luca Marcolungo

Position: PhD Student
email: luca|marcolungo*univr|it

Barbara Iadarola

Position: PhD Student at Personal Genomics
email: barbara|iadarola*personalgenomics|it

Simone Maestri

email: simone|maestri*hotmail|it

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Functional Genomics Lab

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